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Black Mulch

This ebony colored mulch is a favorite of homeowners. This mulch has been color enhanced and is made from natural wood – no scraps or recycled lumber.
$35.00 / Yard

Red Mulch

This color enhanced mulch is one of the most popular with our customers, and is made from real wood – no recycled or scrap materials.
$35.00 / Yard

Brown Mulch

This mulch is dark brown, is color enhanced and will hold it’s color longer than regular mulch. Like our other mulches, it is made from real wood with no recycled or scrap materials.
$35.00 / Yard

Pine Mulch

This light colored mulch is a great value for the price conscious homeowner.
$26.00 / Yard

Cedar Mulch

This golden colored mulch is pure cedar – no fillers. Many horticulturist believe that cedar bark oils, which give it a pleasant aroma, can help repel bugs.
$36.00 / Yard

Hardwood Mulch

This dark brown mulch has a beautiful texture. It also helps plants retain moisture and discourages weed growth.
$30.00 / Yard
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